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Grading the Credit Union Industry

How do we REALLY do as an industry? In today’s solo episode, Mark looks at the principles of the credit union industry and grades each area to see where we excel and where we can improve. IN THIS EPISODE: KEY TAKEAWAYS: RESOURCE LINKS: Mark Ritter Website MBFS – Website Mark Ritter – LinkedIn BIO: Mark […]

Alisha Martin: Talking About Life’s Journey and Business Development

Guest: Alisha Martin Joining Mark today is one of his favorite people in the credit union space along with being the most inspirational. Alisha Martin’s journey is one of resilience and perseverance. Today, Alisha runs the business development efforts at Suncoast and Mark and Alisha talk about what works and what doesn’t in today’s marketplace […]

So You Say You Need Deposits?

Guest: John Ballantyne Deposits. Everyone is looking for them, and no one seems to have the magic bullet—except John Ballantyne. Mark and John discuss the benefits of a commercial deposit focus and strategies to succeed in this line of business.  IN THIS EPISODE: KEY TAKEAWAYS: RESOURCE LINKS: Mark Ritter WebsiteMBFS – WebsiteMark Ritter – LinkedInMark […]

Great Works of the Credit Union Industry

Guest: Sue Ward-Diorio Let’s talk about some of the great things credit unions do every day! The CrossStates Foundation executes the playbook on many of the wonderful initiatives for our industry. Sue and Mark talk about what goes on behind the scenes carrying out this crucial mission of credit unions. IN THIS EPISODE: KEY TAKEAWAYS: […]

Talking Compliance with Rick Wargo

Guest: Rick Wargo Mark & Rick travel down a compliance journey today to talk about best practices in compliance and some of the pitfalls of not keeping on top of it at your organization.   Connect with Rick and his team at IN THIS EPISODE: KEY TAKEAWAYS: RESOURCE LINKS: Mark Ritter – Website Compliance […]

PPP Loans Unfiltered: Part II

Guest: Omar Shute It’s time to take a walk down memory lane and review the wackiest and wildest loan program ever: the Paycheck Protection Program. Omar Shute of DFTC and Jeff Lyons of MBFS joined us for a topic that we couldn’t fit into just one episode. IN THIS EPISODE: KEY TAKEAWAYS: RESOURCE LINKS: Mark […]