GUESt: Mike Dinneen

An executive level marketing strategist, Mike Dinneen has spent 20 years as a marketing leader in financial services. On this episode of Credit Union Conversations. Mike and Mark chat all about tailing marketing strategies to consumer behaviors and much more. Listen in to learn more!


  • [02:00] Mike’s background in community banking and it’s evolution over time. 
  • [10:23] Mike gives his take on the bank branch’s role in marketing efforts. 
  • [15:00] The Consumer Behavior Funnel. 
  • [20:00] How media and social media has evolved marketing aspects. 
  • [27:00] Social media followers, subscribers, and the importance of engagement.


  • Consumer behaviors influence marketing decisions made by different branches. 
  • Better data allows for more personalization of marketing materials and strategies. 
  • Engagement on social media platforms should be the biggest focus of companies.


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Mike Dinneen is an executive-level marketing strategist, with more than 20 years of progressive financial services leadership. For the last five years he has served as the Senior Vice President of Marketing for American Heritage Credit Union.

Mark Ritter is the CEO of MBFS and an expert in credit unions and business lending. His primary role at MBFS is overseeing the strategy of helping credit unions assist members with business needs and consulting with credit unions on planning the delivery of services to their membership.

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“Make people aware of your solutions to their general needs because in the credit union space, you don’t sell or push products, you meet members’ needs and expectations.”

Mike Dinneen

“We have something on the wall that says ‘educate first, sell second’. I never want our credit union or really any credit union for that matter, to be pushing product first.”

Mike Dinneen