2022 has seen some wild swings in the financial services industry. As the world returns to in-person communication, the credit union industry is open and booming.  In this episode, host Mark Ritter reviews the flourishing first half of 2022 and looks at what is to come the rest of the year.  Will the second half of 2022 follow the current uptrend??  He shares insights on delinquency, interest rates, and the fundamentals of loan repayment. Mark talks about the state of credit unions, lending, and updates at MBFS.


  • [05:40] Mid-year review and current outlook
  • [06:58] Predictions for the remainder of the year
  • [08:48] Preparing for future delinquency
  • [12:55] Mark discusses interest rates in the current environment
  • [15:08] Portfolios and liquidity at credit unions
  • [19:00] Loan Repayment Basics


  • The credit union industry is currently thriving, but you should prepare stakeholders for future delinquencies.
  • It takes every branch to work as a team to build successful relationships with businesses.
  • Going back to the fundamentals of lending will help secure more reliable business.


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“2022 has just been an explosive year compared to previous years and completely out of nowhere.”

Mark Ritter

“We’re getting back to the basics of lending and we are all going to have to do more due diligence going forward.”

Mark Ritter