Guest: Omar Shute

It’s time to take a walk down memory lane and review the wackiest and wildest loan program ever: the Paycheck Protection Program. Omar Shute of DFTC and Jeff Lyons of MBFS joined us for a topic that we couldn’t fit into just one episode.


  • [00:31] Mark gives an overview of Part One.
  • [01:35] The expectation of how long the PPP loans would last.
  • [03:36] Jeff describes the second round of PPP loans, and Omar shares his view of Part Two of PPP loans and how technology assisted the process.
  • [11:22] Jeff and Mark talk about the eligibility for the second round of PPP loans.
  • [18:23] Jeff reflects on how business owners admittedly stated they didn’t need the money, but it was free.
  • [20:37] Omar suggests which industries should have received the money, and Jeff talks about the forgiveness process.
  • [26:50] What worked well on the PPP and what didn’t work.


  • The PPP Loan Round One wasted a lot of taxpayer dollars.
  • By the time Round Two of PPP Loans began, institutions could make more money because they had worked out the kinks they experienced in Round One.
  • The PPP loans are responsible for the inflation we have today.


Mark Ritter – Website

DFTC Inc. Website


Omar Shute is the Senior Vice President of Commercial Services at Development Finance Training and Consulting Inc. (DFTC). In this role, he oversees commercial underwriting and participates on all the related suite of services offered by DFTC. Omar has 20 years of commercial lending experience and his career background encompasses commercial loan origination, relationship management, commercial loan underwriting, credit administration, commercial portfolio management, policy generation, and senior leadership experience including working with boards of directors.

Mark Ritter is the CEO of MBFS and an expert in credit unions and business lending. His primary role at MBFS is overseeing the strategy of helping credit unions assist members with business needs and consulting with credit unions on planning the delivery of services to their membership.