Guest: Bob West

On today’s episode of Credit Union Conversations, Mark is joined by Bob West. Bob, a veteran of credit unions, has been in multiple executive level leadership positions at multiple credit unions and handles all things technology. Listen in as Bob and Mark discuss technology advances and how financial institutions can keep up with the changes and regulations.


  • [01:50] Bob’s origin story in tech and evolving into the financial industry. 
  • [07:45] Technology challenges in today’s world for CU’s. 
  • [15:15] Bob’s perspective on the regulatory landscape for institutions. 
  • [25:01] Vendor security and what institutions should focus on.


  • Keeping up with changing technology is a key to keeping your credit union effective and efficient for customers
  • Core conversions are a big decision and a detailed process, and it’s important to be aware of your options in the industry.


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Bob West is currently the CEO of CU South, a CUSO dedicated to supporting the CU Base platform and providing support services to credit unions. Bob is a veteran of credit unions after holding executive level leadership positions at multiple credit unions. In addition, Bob held executive positions at Fiserv and Martin’s along with serving his country in the Air Force.

Mark Ritter is the CEO of MBFS and an expert in credit unions and business lending. His primary role at MBFS is overseeing the strategy of helping credit unions assist members with business needs and consulting with credit unions on planning the delivery of services to their membership.

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“It feels like the pace and technology is getting so much more open and easier, but it also comes with so much more risk.”

Mark Ritter

“I think the technology advancement in this space is going to continue to grow when we’re moving to the cloud.”

Bob West