Can I Get A Rush On That Appraisal?

Guest: Noelle McDonald What’s the value? Noelle McDonald can help. The commercial real estate market is upside down today. Mark and Noelle talk about the current state of the appraisal marketplace and what lenders should be on the lookout for now and in the future. IN THIS EPISODE: KEY TAKEAWAYS: RESOURCE LINKS: Mark Ritter WebsiteMBFS […]

Value of ALL Credit Unions

Guest: Jeff Ivey Mark and Jeff discuss Jeff’s background and the mission of River City FCU. Jeff explains the value of CDFI status that credit unions can access. Jeff and Mark have a lengthy discussion about the value of credit unions of all sizes and the purpose credit unions have in today’s economy, along with […]

2023 Year in Review

Guest: Jeff Lyons Where has the time gone? Mark and Jeff look back at what they said a year ago to see how accurate their predictions were. They also take a look at how 2023 played out, both good and bad and what CUs should be doing to plan for the future. IN THIS EPISODE: […]

Grading the Credit Union Industry

How do we REALLY do as an industry? In today’s solo episode, Mark looks at the principles of the credit union industry and grades each area to see where we excel and where we can improve. IN THIS EPISODE: KEY TAKEAWAYS: RESOURCE LINKS: Mark Ritter Website MBFS – Website Mark Ritter – LinkedIn BIO: Mark […]

Alisha Martin: Talking About Life’s Journey and Business Development

Guest: Alisha Martin Joining Mark today is one of his favorite people in the credit union space along with being the most inspirational. Alisha Martin’s journey is one of resilience and perseverance. Today, Alisha runs the business development efforts at Suncoast and Mark and Alisha talk about what works and what doesn’t in today’s marketplace […]

So You Say You Need Deposits?

Guest: John Ballantyne Deposits. Everyone is looking for them, and no one seems to have the magic bullet—except John Ballantyne. Mark and John discuss the benefits of a commercial deposit focus and strategies to succeed in this line of business.  IN THIS EPISODE: KEY TAKEAWAYS: RESOURCE LINKS: Mark Ritter WebsiteMBFS – WebsiteMark Ritter – LinkedInMark […]